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Nowt so Daft 5without bar
by Kieran Meehan 3

"Nowt so daft as folk" was something my Mother said regularly. "Nowt so daft..."

seemed an obvious choice of title for my first collection of single panel cartoons.

Meehan was born in London in 1952. His family moved to Scotland in 1962, where his parents enrolled him in Saturday morning art classes at the Glasgow School of Art.

In 1989, Meehan began sending single-panel cartoons to a plethora of magazines and newspapers. He was first  published in 1991 when three of his cartoons were purchased
by Private Eye.


Within two years of sending samples to King Features Syndicate, 100 of Meehan’s single-panel cartoons had been featured under King’s 'The New Breed' title.

Jay Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief of King Features, encouraged Kieran to develop a comic strip in addition to his signature single-panel cartoons. Meehan Streak, a strip based on Kieran’s single-panel comics, was launched and syndicated by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate then Tribune Media Services until 2005.

King Features Syndicate offered a development contract to work on a strip chronicling the friendships, foibles and frictions between a lawyer a doctor and a cop. There are five main characters; Samuel Rhodes, a skeptical defense lawyer, Lyndon Peel, a cultured and psychiatrist, Stan Defoe, a streetwise cop, Gillian Jaggers, a District Attorney and Sophie Defoe, Stan's sister and owner of Defoe's Diner. 'Pros & Cons' has been syndicated worldwide by King Features since September 2005.

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